T-shirt print-coating plate used for plate bending integrated machine



The utility model relates to a T-shirt print-coating plate used for a plate bending integrated machine, and solves the problem that in the prior art a T-shirt is prone to rivelling in the printing process. According to the technical scheme, the T-shirt print-coating plate used for the plate bending integrated machine comprises a bottom plate, an upper plate and a protection frame, the base plate is connected with the upper plate through a hinge, a rectangular through hole is formed in the upper plate, the hole wall of the rectangular through hole is connected with the protection frame, the protection frame is a flexible protection frame which is provided with the arc-shaped inward side wall, salient points used for increasing friction are formed in the inward side wall of the protection frame, a rectangular protrusion is formed in the position, corresponding to the rectangular through hole, of the bottom plate, the shape of the rectangular protrusion is matched with the shape of the protection frame, the upper plate comprises a u-shaped base plate and a n-shaped supplementary plate, the front portion of the u-shaped base plate is provided with a tenon, the rear portion of the base plate is hinged to the bottom plate, two rear ends of the supplementary plate are provided with mortises, and the u-shaped base plate is connected with the n-shaped supplementary plate through a mortise-tenon structure.




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