Gas filtering system



The utility model discloses a gas filtering system. The system comprises a gas filter, wherein a gas inlet of the gas filter is connected with a gas inlet pipe of gas to be filtered; an exhausting hole of the gas filter is connected with a filtered gas exhausting pipe; the gas inlet pipe and the exhausting pipe are provided with bent pipe sections respectively; each bent pipe section is provided with a liquid inlet and an overflowing hole along a gas conveying device; each overflowing hole is higher than each liquid inlet so that liquid pressure between each overflowing hole and each liquid inlet is greater than gas inlet pressure of each bent pipe section when liquid is injected into the bent pipe section; a liquid discharging hole is further formed in the bottom of each bent pipe section; and valves are arranged on the liquid inlets, the overflowing holes and the liquid discharging holes respectively. With the adoption of the system, cutting-off devices connected onto the gas inlet pipe and the exhausting pipe of the gas filter are improved so that the gas filtering system is prevented from a condition that the system cannot work normally and the anti-leaking performance is relatively good.




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