Seedbed for transgenic tissue culture of rubber trees



The utility model discloses a seedbed for transgenic tissue culture of rubber trees. The seedbed comprises a frame body, wherein the frame body is rectangular; the left and right sides of the frame body are vertically provided with vertical boards; the bottom of the frame body is provided with a baseboard; the upper ends of the vertical boards are provided with a beam; a vertical sliding rail is arranged at each of the lower sides of the left part and the right part of the beam; a horizontal lifting rack is arranged under the beam; the left end and the right end of the lifting rack cooperate with the sliding rails by sliding blocks, respectively; a fixed table is arranged on the beam; a vertical lifting screw rod is arranged at the middle of the fixed table; the lower end of the lifting screw rod is fixedly connected to the upper end of the lifting rack; and a group of illuminating lamps are arranged on the lower side of the lifting rack. The seedbed is capable of conveniently adjusting the distances between the group of illuminating lamps and plants according to the heights of the plants so as to ensure highly efficient utilization of illumination by the plants, so that the best growth efficiency is guaranteed; moreover, a reflective plate arranged in the seedbed is capable of ensuring the illumination strength to the sides of the plants, so that the best growth efficiencies of the plants are guaranteed.




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