Storage battery



The utility model discloses a storage battery. The storage battery comprises a battery case, a busbar, pole groups, post terminals and a package, wherein the battery case is provided with a plurality of simple lattice cavities; the pole groups are correspondingly placed in the cavities and are connected with the post terminals by the busbar; a battery cell is arranged in the battery case; the edge of the battery cell is surrounded by a frame-shaped cover body; the cover body comprises a surface cover, a bottom cover and two side covers; the side covers are made from elastic plastics; sealing grooves are formed in the edges at the two sides of each side cover; a protective circuit substrate is arranged in the surface cover; metal sheets which can be connected with an anode and cathode of the battery cell and serve as leading-out terminals are arranged in the protective circuit substrate. The storage battery has the beneficial effects that by packaging the battery cell by the frame-shaped cover body, the package structure of the storage battery is improved, damages of injection molded packages to the battery cell can be prevented and the production cost of the storage battery can be reduced.




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