Multifunctional physical experiment demonstration platform



The utility model provides a multifunctional physical experiment demonstration platform, and relates to a physical experiment demonstration platform. The physical experiment demonstration platform solves a problem that at present, a simple and practical physics demonstration platform does not exist. The demonstration platform comprises a platform body, an experiment table-board, a support, a camera, a camera storage area, a power socket, a console, a scaleplate, a storage box, and a power switch. The demonstration platform is connected with a projector through the camera, and can demonstrate an experiment which is carried out on the experiment table-board. The camera shoots experiment demonstration results on the experiment table-board from different directions, and the support can be dismounted at any time. The camera is drawn back in the camera storage area with the support which is fixed in the camera storage area, and the camera is stored. Through the console arranged on the side surface of the demonstration platform, electrical experiment test results are displayed on a display. Through the camera, the whole test process and display results are projected to the projector and are shown. The demonstration platform is convenient and practical.




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