Cover of urine collecting cup



The utility model discloses a cover of a urine collecting cup. The cover is characterized by comprising a cover top, a flange, a testing hole cavity and a testing hole cover, wherein the flange is arranged at the four sides of the cover top; the testing hole cover adopts a hole cavity formed by in the way that the upper surface and the lower surface of part of the cover top downwardly extend together; the testing hole cavity comprises a liquid storage cavity, one or more feeding holes and a position-limiting step; the testing hole cover is arranged at the junction between the testing hole cavity and the cover top and works together with the cover top and the testing hole cavity to form a sealing structure. The cover of the urine collecting cup provided by the utility model reduces the opportunity of urine secondary pollution, solves the problem that the redundancy of urine influences the test paper result in the testing process, meanwhile meets the requirement that the urine test paper is directly used for testing urine in the collecting cup, contributes to improving the working efficiency of medical care personnel, and is simple and easy to operate.




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