Electricity guard wall water pipe



The utility model discloses an electricity guard wall water pipe, which comprises an inner pipe, an outer pipe, a water injection pipe, a water injection head and a waterstop plug, wherein the outer pipe is sleeved outside the inner pipe, the outer pipe is provided with a first water outlet hole, a sealing boss is arranged in the outer pipe, and is arranged below the first water outlet hole, the water injection head is arranged on the inner pipe, and is connected with the water injection pipe, the water injection pipe forms a first and a second water pipes after being bent, the first and the second water pipes are of an integrated structure, the tail end of the first water pipe is connected with the water injection head, the tail end of the second water pipe is communicated with the inner pipe, a second water outlet hole is arranged on the inner pipe, and the waterstop plug is arranged on the top end of the outer pipe. The electricity guard wall water pipe improves the effect of water resistance by prolonging a water channel of the water injection pipe, further reduces electric current under the situation that the voltage is not changed, has excellent sealing performance simultaneously, and prevents having a water leakage phenomenon.




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