Sash window locking device



The utility model belongs to the technical field of doors and windows, particularly relates to a sash window locking device. The sash window locking device comprises a base and a bolt, wherein the base is arranged on the outer side surface of the lower end part of the window frame of one sash window and corresponds to the bottom frame of the window frame of the other sash window; a bolt hole penetrates through the base; an insertion hole is formed in the bottom frame of the window frame of the other sash window; the bolt is rod-shaped and can move in the bolt hole along the opening direction; one end of the bolt can be inserted into the insertion hole; a spring locking mechanism is arranged in the bolt hole and used for controlling the fixing and popping of the bolt which is inserted into the insertion hole. The sash window locking device is simple in structure and has the advantages that the cost is reduced through a single component, the mounting is simplified and the locking operation becomes simple and easy.




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