Auxiliary welding fixing device



The utility model relates to an auxiliary welding fixing device which overcomes the defect that an existing welding clamp has difficulties in locating two cross parts of a certain angle. The auxiliary welding device can adjust relative angles of parts and fix the parts at will and comprises a disk-shaped base plate. A fixed clamping device and a movable clamping device are connected to the base plate, the fixed clamping device comprises a U-shaped fixed frame fixedly connected with the base plate, and an abutting screw is arranged on one side of the U-shaped fixed frame. The movable clamping device comprises a bottom frame, wherein a flat plate structure is arranged at one end of the bottom frame. A pin hole is formed in a flat plate, the pin hole is matched with a pin shaft arranged in the center of the base plate, a U-shaped structure is arranged at the other end of the bottom frame, the two sides of the U-shaped structure are bent upwards, downward barbs are arranged at the ends of the U-shaped structure, abutting screws are at least arranged on one lateral side of the U-shaped structure, and abutting screws are arranged at the lower lateral edges of the barbs. The auxiliary welding fixing device can effectively weld and locate two or a plurality of cross parts of certain angles and has the advantages of improving effects and guaranteeing quality.




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