Lower flow channel plate mold structure used for automobile vibration absorption equipment



The utility model relates to a lower flow channel plate mold structure used for automobile vibration absorption equipment. The lower flow channel plate mold structure is characterized in that a sprue sleeve is arranged on the inner side wall of a fixed mold frame; the sprue sleeve is communicated with a fixed mold core; a movable mold core is internally provided with pouring cavities which are symmetrical up and down and are in a square structure; one group of cinder ladles are arranged at the edge of the upper side of each pouring cavity; the cinder ladles are connected with an exhausting groove and an exhausting channel; a kidney-shaped through hole is formed in the middle part of each pouring cavity and one circle of a columnar convex strip is arranged on the inner wall of each pouring cavity; a triangular groove is formed in the front and tail connection part of each columnar convex strip. According to the lower flow channel plate mold structure, the pressure of aluminum liquid is increased again and the aluminum liquid is ejected out, so that the aluminum liquid can fully fill the cavity in extremely short time and a high-quality product is cast; the outer side of each pouring cavity is connected with the corresponding cinder ladle and exhausting groove, so that the exhausting is more effective, air holes of the product are reduced and the quality of the mold is improved.




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