Refined extrusion die for manufacturing output shaft



The utility model provides a refined extrusion die for manufacturing an output shaft. The die is formed by an upper die and a lower die which are matched with each other. The lower die comprises a lower die core and a lower die fixing sleeve, wherein the center of the top of a lower die core main body is provided with a shaft head cavity which is open upwards, the shaft head cavity is connected with a multistage step-shaped lower die cavity penetrating the bottom of the main body, a lower die fixing sleeve inner ring sleeves the periphery of the lower die core, a lower die fixing sleeve outer ring sleeves the upper portion of a lower die outer sleeve, a lower die base sleeves the lower portion of the lower die outer sleeve, the center of the lower die base is provided with a lower die push rod cavity communicated with the lower die cavity, the bottom of the lower die base is shrunk to form a step ring, and the step ring is sleeved with a lower die fixing base. According to the technical scheme, the refined extrusion die is high in processing efficiency, low in product manufacturing cost and free of cutting and material loss; a forging die abrades slowly, and the product dimensional accuracy is guaranteed easily.




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