Puffing machine


  • Inventors: JIN JI'NAN
  • Assignees: 金吉南
  • Publication Date: July 08, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-204444207-U


The utility model relates to a puffing machine which comprises a rack, a puffing heating system and a feeding system, wherein the puffing heating system and the feeding system are arranged on the rack, the puffing heating system comprises a baseplate, large stand pillars are arranged on the baseplate, a cross beam is supported at the top of each large stand pillar, an upper die plate is fixedly arranged on the cross beam, a lower die assembly is arranged among the four large stand pillars, a first hydraulic cylinder is arranged below the lower die assembly, the lower die assembly comprises a die frame, a lower movable plate and a lower die plate, the lower movable plate and the die frame are fixedly connected by a small stand pillar, die holes are uniformly distributed in the die frame, a second hydraulic cylinder is arranged on the lower movable plate, the feeding system comprises a hopper, a feeding assembly, a first cam, a second cam and a drive shaft, and the feeding assembly comprises an upper push plate and a lower push plate. The puffing machine disclosed by the utility model is simple in structure, small in size, low in noise, high in degree of automation and simple and safe to operate, and can realize the high-efficiency processing of puffed foods.




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